Successful local repair of paracolostomy hernia with a newly developed pros

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  • Datum 15/03/1993
  • Auteur/Spreker P de Ruiter, AB Bijnen
  • Categorie Stoma
  • Bron WCS Nieuwsbrief
  • Jaargang 9
  • Nummer 1
  • Pagina nummer 50-52
  • Trefwoorden wondbehandeling, local repair, paracolostomy, AP, stoma
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Abstract. The basic cause of paracolostomy hernia is enlargement of the trephine opening in the abdominal wall, due to tangential forces working on the circumference of the opening. Our attempts of hernia repair with polypropylene mesh were not successful, as the diameter of the hole in the mesh tended to enlarge vath time.